Friday, 31 October 2008

Return from Kuala Lumpur

Hello. I'm back again with another visa.
Malaysia is a bit like Britain. It is less chaotic and noisy, a lot cleaner than Indonesia but also it feels more sterile so I am glad to be back. I guess familiarity is important.
I was in a funny mood. It seemed that many women were wearing curtains. In Indonesia the women's dresses are cleverly designed to be both ‘Islamic’, by concealing their hair in a sort of helmet, but figure-hugging and well tailored so they get the best of both worlds. The women in Malaysia were somewhat better nourished. But it did strike me as rather strange that the dresses looked exactly like they were made out of curtain material. And then I realised. Of course. They were in purdah.
There were lots of posters for an event which I wondered that the Malaysian Ummah would allow: ‘Mega Bedding Carnival’. My evil mind was furiously boggling.
Another dangerous piece of legislation has just got through in Indonesia – an Anti-Pornography law. Pornography is anything that could possibly turn a man on and the public are given a role in ‘protecting’ people from it. So perhaps we will see more curtains on Indonesian women now. It is certainly curtains for freedom. This, like the anti-Ahmadi decree, seems intent on creating anarchy so the TNI (armed forces) will have to step in and save the nation.